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GCRTA ConnectWorks

Connect your business to the Greater Cleveland RTA

RTA ConnectWorks is designed to address the existing gaps in public transit by providing your employees with scheduled rides from GCRTA transit stops to the front door of your business. 

ConnectWorks is available to businesses in Solon, Bedford Heights, and the Aerozone

  • Unlock new pools of talent and increase recruitment
  • Improve staff attendance, decrease absenteeism
  • Increase employee retention by up to 62%
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Station
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What is ConnectWorks?

22.4% of Cleveland residents do not own a car. By making your business a part of the GCRTA network, you can significantly reduce the burden the commute has on your employees.

Employer joins ConnectWorks

Businesses in Solon and the Aerozone are eligible to join the ConnectWorks program, linking your location to the Greater Cleveland RTA network. Purchase ride packages and extend the benefit to your employees

Employees Request Rides to and from work

Using the ConnectWorks web-app, employees can easily request a ride to and from a GCRTA bus stop or train station.

To your front door

SHARE Mobility vehicles pick up your employees and bring them to the front door of your building. When their shift is over they can request a ride back to their RTA station.

Expand your hiring reach

By leveraging the RTA network, you can attract top talent from a broader area, widening your hiring reach.

Save your employees money

Removing the burden of commuting expenses for your team members allows them to preserve more of their salary.

Improve employee retention

There's up to a 62% increase in retention for employees who make use of transportation benefits to get to work.

Meet your sustainability goals

Lowering the number of single occupancy vehicles in use by your employees translates to a reduced carbon footprint.

ConnectWorks Solon & Bedford Heights

Solon & Bedford Heights

Southgate Transit Center

Connects to Bus Routes 19, 40, or Waterfront Line
ConnectWorks Aerozone


Brookpark Transit Center

Connects to Bus Routes 54, 78, 86, or Red Line
$500 per month
Great for organizations with only a handful of employees that need transportation
222 trips included ($2.25 per trip)
$2.50 cost per additional trip
Billed month-to-month as needed

Most Popular

$1000 per month
Provides a great balance between cost and size.
500 trips included ($2.00 per trip)
$2.50 cost per additional trip
Billed month-to-month as needed
$1500 per month
Perfect for organizations with large workforces or those facing constant transportation barriers
857 trips included ($1.75 per trip)
$2.50 cost per additional trip
Billed month-to-month as needed

"Having SHARE Mobility provide transportation services for our organization has greatly improved the reliability of our employees getting to destinations on time and eases their minds knowing that their transportation needs are being met"

Lori Speck
HR Manager, Wraptite - Solon

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